Elisha Lim

CDMI Project Co-Manager

Elisha Lim is an award-winning queer filmmaker and graphic novelist whose high-profile activist career is the subject of their research into social media’s distortion of identity politics. Lim’s concept, “identity economics,” has been published in Social Media + Society, Documenta, Bitch Magazine, C Magazine and a 2020 TEDx talk. Lim’s community-based artwork has been taught in universities and documented in monographs like Leslie Bow’s Racist Love (Duke University Press, forthcoming 2022) Eliza Steinbock’s Vital Art: Transgender Portraiture as Visual Activism (2018) and Tara Atluri’s Uncommitted Crimes (Inanna Books, 2018). Lim’s QTBIPOC comic strip 100 Crushes was published by Koyama Press and nominated for a Lambda Literary Award in 2014. Lim has also produced award winning claymation films, solo and group exhibits, curatorial projects, and founded the annual anti-racist Montreal art festival, “Qouleur.” Lim is currently writing a PhD on Digital Media at the University of Toronto where they are co-Project Manager for the Critical Design Methods Institute.