Asna Adhami

Former  CDMI Project Manager

Spring by Asna Adhami

Asna is a multi-award winning scholar for her decolonial, culture-and-arts-informed Masters work In the Spirit of Inclusive Reflection: Reflections of a Cultural Expeditionist, presented with the Graduate Thesis Award for excellence in academic contributions and the President’s Prize in recognition of her many contributions to and in support of the academic community. Her inclusive and diverse approach to creating multiplatform media content and informational materials also continue to effect change in broadcast, academic, community engagement and arts contexts.

Asna’s unique, Sufi heritage-inspired way of seeing, knowing, being and creating informs her meditative explorations of themes of identity, culture, belonging, social in/justice, power structures, inclusion politics, success/struggle, pluralism, de/coloniality, transcendence, strategic change and resilience.  Asna creates and designs thought-provoking and insightful media that restore erased histories and contemplate power in societal relationships – powerfully and unapologetically –

such as the radio docs Where are you from? and Lest We Forget and poems like Spiritual Footprint and Angry Tea, engaging audiences with video, audio, poetry, photographic and academic works.

As a journalist, producer, poet, photographer she reaches in and connects directly with the hearts of her audiences, whether making contributions as a member of award-wining programs, producing artist profiles for CBC ArtSpots, stories and web videos for The Canadian Race Relations Foundation, or working collaboratively on community initiatives and such as projects such as the Equity Advisory Forum (Arts Nova Scotia/Canada Council for the Arts Equity Initiative), the Innoversity Creative Summit, Nova Scotia Adult Learners’ Week, and as a leading-founder of the CBC’s Regional Reflection Committee (Atlantic Region – early 2000s initiative).

She creates environments founded in principles of mutual respect, dialogue and collaborative process that invite considerations of power and relationships and cultivate positive transformation, whether teaching her Dialogues on Diversity and Interculturalism program or creating intercultural, interfaith events such as the Iftaar Parties series (with the Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery) , or curating mixed media exhibitions of her works in shows such as Reflections on Love (SeaforthHall Community Hall Artist Series) and Portraits in Nature (Lakeshore Arts).