CDMI Co-Directors

T.L. Cowan
Assistant Professor, Media Studies

Digital research ethics; trans- feminist and queer digital methods; digital archives of live performance; intimacies of scale; minoritized cultural economies.

Mary Elizabeth Luka
Assistant Professor, Arts & Media Management

Creative networks, hubs and economy; cultural and media policy and practice; civic engagement; creative methods; digital media archives.

David Nieborg
Assistant Professor, Media Studies

App and platform studies, political economy, financial and institutional analysis.

Jasmine Rault
Assistant Professor, Media Studies

Digital architectures; trans- feminist and queer digital methods; aesthetics of white supremacy & settler coloniality.

Thy Phu

Asian North American studies; photography studies; visual culture and communication; critical refugee studies; diaspora studies.

Yi Gu
Associate Professor and Program Director

Politics of digital design, rural reform and digital media, socially engaged art and new media, platform and public art.


Elisha Lim
CDMI Co-Project Manager

PhD student with the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information

Cate Alexander

PhD Student and Research Assistant

PhD student with the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information

Jeff Gagnon

Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellow with the Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies at UTSC

Jermaine Williams
Web Designer

Master of Information student with the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information

CDMI Researchers

Arun Jacob
PhD Student

Critical theory, cultural studies, digital humanities, labour studies, media archaeology.

Barry Freeman
Chair and Associate Professor

Intercultural ethics in performance, theatre pedagogy, ethnography.

Haley Bryant
PhD Student

Community archiving; critical archival praxis; digital cultural heritage.

Julian Posada
PhD Student

Digital labour; political economy of platforms; social computing, sociology of social networks.

Kenzie Burchell
Assistant Professor

Everyday surveillance practices; comparative and forensic journalism studies.

Mark Campbell
Assistant Professor

Remix cultures; online Hip Hop archives and Afrodigital communities.

Marla Hlady
Associate Professor and Associate Chair

Expanded site; sound; technology as practice.

Rafael Grohmann
Assistant Professor

Platform Labour; platform cooperativism; work, data and artificial intelligence; media workers; workers’ organization

Randa El Khatib

Post Doctoral Fellow

Digital humanities, spatial humanities, scholarly communication.

Rebecca Noone
Postdoctoral Fellow

Spatial imaginaries, politics, locational awareness.

Sanaz Mazinani
Assistant Professor

Digital photography, circulation & consumption; visioning the self.

Sherry S. Yu
Assistant Professor

Multiculturalism; cultural literacy; digital diaspora and diasporic media; race and ethnicity; journalism.

Will Kwan
Associate Professor, Associate Chair and Program Director

Machine vision; surveillance; screen culture.