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Limits of Decolonial Debate in Internet Studies

Online Roundtable

Continuing the discussion started at AoIR conference, this online roundtable analyzes the limits of decolonial approach in internet studies. What are the pitfalls of the decolonial approach, particularly in terms of being co-opted by the colonizers as a brand? What is missing from the decolonial debate in internet studies? How can we make sense of the oversized role played by institutions from the Global North in this debate? Starting from these and other questions, this roundtable will bring researchers to share their views and engage in a constructive debate.

  • Abeba Birhane (Mozilla Foundation / University College Dublin)
  • Tarcizio Silva (Mozilla Foundation/ Federal University of ABC, Brazil)
  • Anita Gurumurthy (IT for Change)
  • Syed Mustafa Ali (Open University)
  • Cheryll Soriano (Manila University)
  • Walter Lippold (Rio Grande do Sul Institute)

Hosted by DigiLabour and Critical Digital Methods Institute, University of Toronto.

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