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Hawai’i International Conference for Systems Sciences (HICSS) 2022

This minitrack focuses on two themes: a) studies that critically interrogate how and when digital and social media (DSM) support and/or challenge existing power structures or realign power structures (including power structures internal to organizational cultures) that affect underrepresented or marginalized groups, and b) the ethical issues associated with studying digital and social media content and practices, or associated with the design, engineering, deployment, and use of such technologies. Papers may range in approach/methods and may explore the following topics and more:

studies of digital and social media that mobilize non-traditional, participatory, experimental, interventionist, critical, and/or design-based research methods for social media scholarship;
studies of digital and social media that engage with other disciplines and traditions including by not limited to Indigenous studies, data sovereignty, critical race studies, performance studies, gender & sexuality studies
studies of the values and worldviews embedded within specific hardware and software technologies;
studies that look at mediated representations and practices of political community;
studies that examine the role of digital and social media in individual or collective challenges to established societal institutions;
studies of how feminist data ethics that explicitly seek equity and demand justice are deployed to understand and shift how power works;
studies that address digital and/or data practices developed by and for Indigenous peoples and in relations of reciprocity;
studies of how images circulate in digital and social media and the particular critical, technological, and ethical considerations that images demand;
studies that address concerns about the dark side of social media;
studies at the intersection of social and/or digital media and the Covid-19 pandemic;
studies that account for the ethical role of researchers in undertaking studies of digital and social media content and practice;
and studies from new or under-represented voices.

Minitrack Co-Chairs:
Tonia Sutherland (Primary Contact)
University of Hawaii at Manoa

T.L. Cowan
University of Toronto

Jas Rault
University of Toronto

Kishonna Gray
University of Illinois at Chicago

TO SUBMIT A PAPER by June 15: https://hicss.hawaii.edu/authors/

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