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ASO Convergence Conference

ASO Convergence Conference

On January 22 – 24, 2023, join fellow arts service organizations (ASOs), and ASO representatives for a future-oriented gathering; a convergence of like-minded organizations and people.

Convergence is for anyone interested in taking part in a future-oriented exchange, learning more about how we might work together as an ASO community to advance the future that we envision for the Canadian arts sector.

During the two-day convergence, we will be discussing the findings of the Solution Pathways, sharing potential ways forward in the sector, engaging in interactive professional development workshops, and participating in collaborative transformative discussions.

The event will be held at Toronto Metropolitan University’s Catalyst Space, located on the 2nd floor of 80 Gould St.

On January 22, 2023, an opening reception will be held at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, located at 14 Elm Street. Join in an evening of cocktails and light refreshments as we set a collaborative and positive tone for the following two-day event.
Mass Culture has reserved a block of rooms at the Chelsea Hotel in Toronto to better accommodate guests joining from out of town. If you are interested in booking a room at the Chelsea, please reach out to us: gcade@massculture.ca.

We have a limited number of rooms reserved, so we encourage you to book at your earliest convenience.

Conversation Starters

  • Catherine Tammaro
  • Zainub Verjee
  • Michael Murray
  • Fabrice Koffy
  • Luke Reece
  • Heather George
  • Reza Nik
  • Parul Pandya
  • Inga Petri
  • Sebastian Möller
  • Shanice Bernicky
  • Skye Louis
  • Soni Dasmohapatra
  • Gladys Rowe
  • Lucy Lu
  • Mariel Marshall
  • Camille Usher
  • Jamie Gamble
  • Carla Stephenson
  • Laurence Dubuc
  • Tara Mazurk
  • Andrew Walker
  • Heather Russek
  • Jessica Thornton
  • Mary Elizabeth Luka
  • Gabriel Zamfir-Enache

Production Team

  • Robin Sokoloski, Co-Producer
  • Jacoba Knaapen, Co-Producer
  • Shawn Newman, Creative Director
  • Kathryn Geertsema, Communications
  • Gillian Cade, Logistics
  • Charissa Wilcox, Stage Manager
  • Bridget MacIntosh, Hybrid Stage Manager

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